FRSGiftRegistry is no longer available for sale. The project has been retired, and so we no longer update the software. Technical support is limited to what the application was able to do when it was last released. It has been extremely stable, but any problems or new features can no longer be dealt with. Technical support e-mail address:

Known Issues with FRSGiftRegistry

Privacy Policy

Data Storage

FRSGiftRegistry stores information, which you have entered, into a binary data file on your computer. A separate file stores your application-wide settings, such as your color scheme and font settings.

Application Access

Computer users who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to FRSGiftRegistry. Unauthorized or malicious users of FRSGiftRegistry could inadvertently or purposely change any data maintained in your copy of FRSGiftRegistry. It is important that you safeguard your physical computer, limit access to only those would you trust to work with the application, and to back-up your data files regularly.

Upload to Servers

FRSGiftRegistry does not upload any information to the Fourth Ray Software web server nor to any third party. We do reserve the right to communicate your FRSGiftRegistry license number during a product upgrade check in a future version, so that we may verify your paid-for version. However, this is currently not being done.

You can, optionally, set up FRSGiftRegistry to automatically upload the new and/or changed web page files that your web reports have generated. When FRSGiftRegistry does that, it is under your control, and it only interacts with your own web site server.

Download from Servers

When automatic upgrading is enabled, FRSGiftRegistry connects to the Fourth Ray Software server to determine if a new version of FRSGiftRegistry has been released by Fourth Ray Software. It compares the latest version number listed on the server against the version you have installed. If a new version has been released, the new software installation program will be downloaded to your computer, and FRSGiftRegistry will automatically run that upgrade when you close the application. The next time you start FRSGiftRegistry, if the upgrade has completed successfully, the application will show the new version icon toolbar button, through which you can find out what is new. During this process FRSGiftRegistry communicates no information to the server, it only gathers information from the server.

You can, optionally, set up FRSGiftRegistry to automatically download web template files from your web site server. This feature is handy for when you have a webmaster who maintains your overall web site and that person needs to occasionally provide you with copies of new template files. These template files are used by FRSGiftRegistry so that it knows how to format the web report-generated web pages. When FRSGiftRegistry does that, it is under your control, and it only interacts with your own web site server.


In normal, day-to-day use of FRSGiftRegistry the only "outside" contact is made with the Fourth Ray Software server to find out what the latest published version number of the application is. Other than that, FRSGiftRegistry operates completely privately on your computer only, unless you have it set up to automatically upload new and/or changed web report pages, and/or download new or updated template files from your own web site server.


FRSGiftRegistry uses NSViews formerly made public by Nanosoft Corp for efficient sizing of its windows.

FRSGiftRegistry's installation program courtesy of Inno Setup developed by Jordan Russell.