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See "Privacy Policy" link above to read our privacy policy regarding our use of the information you send using this form or via an e-mail.

Use the convenient form on the right to contact us, or use one of our e-mail addresses. We monitor our e-mail typically between 9am and 6pm (U.S. Central time) seven days a week.

Our e-mail Addresses

To see our e-mail addresses, please answer this question and press the View button (so that we can verify that you are a real human being).


We currently do not have the resources to provide informational or technical support via telephone. Please use the form or e-mail addresses shown on this page to contact us. Also note that requests made along the lines of "please call me back at such-n-such number" will be ignored.


This contact form is for customers or potential customer only. If you are using this form to try to sell us on a product or service, DON'T BOTHER! First, there is literally NOTHING that you can sell us that we don't already have or know how to get. Second, your e-mail will not be read, but rather will be automatically routed to our "Junk" folder, which is emptied when the e-mail program is closed; you are wasting your own time and we will never even see it. Third, if you are that hard up for sales or want to scam other people, you are vibrating at a very low frequency, and you should probably take this time to reflect on your own life, first, rather than bother others!