What is FRSBikeTraxx?

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FRSBikeTraxx is a software tool to help you keep track of the data you collect from your bicycle rides. These can be casual trips, training routines, or races.

Why Did We Create FRSBikeTraxx?

Fourth Ray Software's owner is an avid bike rider and has kept track of his rides ever since he bought and installed a meter on his bike. He kept the information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but that made comparing year-over-year results difficult. Editing and sorting in Excel is not easy. So, FRSBikeTraxx was created in 2014, and, for two years before the first public release, it was used internally to verify that its functionality was sufficient. In the meantime, FRSProductMgr and FRSLibrary, two of our other data management products were enhanced with a new data storage design, which made development of FRSBikeTraxx easier.

How Do I Get Started?

In effect, FRSBikeTraxx' main window is a spreadsheet. You simply enter your bike ride's data into the spreadsheet. You can also import existing historical data (such as from an Excel spreadsheet).

To add a bike ride, click on the "Edit | Add Ride" menu command. The green "plus" toolbar button is a shortcut for that menu command.

When you add a new ride, FRSBikeTraxx adds a new row to the grid. The "Date" column will show today's date by default. You can, of course, change that if you are entering historical data. Next, enter whatever other data you would like to track. As shown in the screen capture above, if weather data has been set up to be retrieved, it will be automatically entered into the row.

Optionally, you can enter the location of your rides, and the application will attempt to look up the weather conditions. These are then shown in the status bar at the bottom of the main window. When you add a new ride, whatever those values are, will be copied to the new entry. Of course, you can change those values in the main window's grid, if so desired.

How Do I Get the Latest Version?

You can always download FRSBikeTraxx directly via the "Download" tab above. However, FRSBikeTraxx automatically checks to see if a new version has been released each time you run it, if you have enabled that option and your computer has an active Internet connection. When a new version has been found, it will be downloaded, and you will be notified of the automatic upgrade when you close the application. Making sure you are always up-to-date is both free and easy!

status bar upgrade download

When an upgrade is being downloaded, a download icon appears in the status bar (shown here on the right). Note that you can close the application at any time. If an upgrade was in the process of being downloaded, the application will stop and try again the next time you run it.

status bar upgrade ready

When the download has completed, the icon will change to one showing a sun (as shown here on the right). At that point the application will be upgraded when you close it.

If for some reason you wish to disable automatic upgrading, click on the "Settings | Automatic Application Upgrade" menu command to turn OFF that feature. The state of the check mark to the left of that menu command indicates whether or not FRSBikeTraxx checks for new upgrades. If you turn that option ON again, FRSBikeTraxx will immediately check the Fourth Ray Software server to see if a new version is available, and download it if there is one.

For How Long Can I Use the Free Version?

status bar trial period days remaining

FRSBikeTraxx comes with a one-time, 21-day trial period during which you can use the full functionality of the application for free. There are no restrictions during that time period. When the free trial period is over, you must purchase a license to continue to use the application (click on the "Buy" tab above). All of the data you entered during the free trial period will still be there after you have paid for your license. There is no separate download required after you have purchased your license. The status bar, as shown here on the right, indicates how many days you have remaining in your free trial period.

How Do I Enable the Paid-for Version?

When you have paid for a license for FRSBikeTraxx, you will receive your unique serial number. You can enter the serial number via the "FRSBikeTraxx | Enter Serial Number..." menu command. You will also see this window when you start the application and you have allowed your trial period to expire. You need to enter the serial number you received from us. We recommend copying and then pasting the serial number, as it is easy to mistype. When ready, press the OK button to have FRSBikeTraxx verify the serial number. If it is valid, the application will switch to a "paid-for" version, which you can verify by clicking on the "FRSBikeTraxx | About..." menu command.