FRSCalendar is a software application which displays an interactive calendar.

FRSCalendar displays the calendar for a particular month and year. You can show a particular month for a particular year via the navigation (arrow) buttons above the calendar.

The title bar of the window shows the long form of the date that has the black border around it.

"Today" is shown with a pink/rose background.

Special dates are indicated with colored dots. You can adjust which, if any, of those dots are to be shown and with which color.

The Options button displays a menu that extends the functionality of the application.

How Do I Get the Latest Version?

For free applications we do not support automatic upgrading from within the application. We, therefore, recommend that you check our News page (see above) from time to time to see if we have released a new version of FRSCalendar. The application is fairly stable in the feature set we want to include in it, so upgrades shouldn't happen very often. If a new version is made available, simply download it via the "Download" tab above. You can safely install over top of the previous installation, as it will preserve your settings and data. Be sure to close the application first, though.