FRSCountdown is a software tool that lets you set a timed alarm. Once you have entered the duration of the timer, selected how you wish to be notified, and then press the Play button, the timer will start. When the count-down completes, your requested notification or notifications will be shown or heard.

How Do I Use FRSCountdown?

FRSCountdown starting

(fig. 1: ready to start the countdown)

The very first time you start the application, you will see that its timer has been set to 10 minutes, and that its notification has been set to flash the FRSCountdown window when the count-down completes. If that is exactly what you want, press the Play (triangular) button on the timer display itself to start the count-down.

Even while the timer is counting down, you can still change how you might want to be notified, because that might depend on what you are doing on your computer.

You can always pause or stop the timer. If you pause it, you can resume the count-down later. If you stop it, no visual or auditory notification will be made, since you stopped the alarm. Once stopped, you can start another count-down using the same (by default) or another count-down period.

The settings will be remembered for the next time you use the application.

FRSCountdown running

(fig. 2: the application running)

When you press the Start button, some of the user interface settings will become disabled, because they cannot be changed while the count-down is running.

FRSCountdown Task Bar button

(fig. 3)

Figure 3 shows the Windows Task Bar button with the progress bar enabled. This gives you an idea of how far the count-down is along even if another software application is obscuring FRSCountdown.

FRSCountdown countdown finished

(fig. 4: the countdown is finished)

When the count-down is completed, all of the notifications you have set will go off. In this particular example we wanted to notified with a reminder message, so that was displayed when the count-down completed.

FRSCountdown's menu

(fig. 5: the FRSCountdown menu)

You can access additional menu commands by clicking on the application's icon in the upper left corner of the main window.

The "Version History" menu command displays the PDF that details the application's history.

The "Windows Desktop Shortcut" menu command adds or removes the shortcut to starting FRSCountdown via the Windows Desktop.

The "Windows Start-up Shortcut" menu command adds or removes the shortcut to starting FRSCountdown when Windows is started (or, more specifically, when you log into Windows).

How Do I Get the Latest Version?

For free applications we do not support automatic upgrading from within the application. We, therefore, recommend that you check our News page (see above) from time to time to see if we have released a new version of FRSCountdown. The application is fairly stable in the feature set we want to include in it, so upgrades shouldn't happen very often. If a new version is made available, simply download it via the "Download" tab above. You can safely install over top of the previous installation.