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As stated in the FRSFileMgr End-User License Agreement, "...Software sold with this publication is provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. The entire risk arising out of the use or performance of this Software remains with you. In no event will Company or any of its suppliers be liable for any lost profits, lost files, lost data, lost savings, direct, incidental or indirect damages, or other economic or consequential damages, even if they have been advised of the possibility of such damages."

With that stated, we want to be clear that FRSFileMgr is a powerful tool and allows you to do extensive damage to the files on your computer, so we recommend that you use it with caution until you are comfortable using it. You could potentially delete or damage files that are needed by the Windows operating system that could make your computer unstable, or unusable. Seriously consider making back-ups of your important data files and applications should something happen. Fourth Ray Software cannot be held responsible for what you do while you are using FRSFileMgr. Be sure to read and understand the documentation covered in the application's Documentation Center window to properly and safely use FRSFileMgr. Fourth Ray Software cannot be held accountable for what you do with FRSFileMgr.

Comments, Questions, Problems?

We want you to be happy with FRSFileMgr, so if you encounter any issues or problems using it, we want to know about it so that we can rectify it. We routinely release new versions of the application to fix known issues and to improve the product. A lot of times the release of a new version is dictated by one of our customers finding a serious problem with the application. So, let us know what we can do to improve the product. Please direct all your feedback to our technical support e-mail address:

Known Issues with FRSFileMgr

For more persistent issues, see the "How-to | Known Issues" menu command in the application. The purpose of the listing below is just to report problems that we have become aware of since the last version that we are in the process of resolving, or might be resolved in a future version of the application.

Privacy Policy

Data Storage

FRSFileMgr stores settings you have set into two binary data files on your computer ("FRSFileMgr.dat" and "FRSFileMgr.ffm"). Stored in these data files are your settings, preferences, and last viewed and used directories for various tasks. Most of this data is stored in an encrypted format. If you enter any notes in the optional "Notes" column for one or more files, those are stored in a binary data file ("FRSFileMgrNotes.dat"), all of its data is stored in an encrypted format.

Most of the time, files "deleted" with FRSFileMgr aren't actually deleted, but rather moved to its "Trash Bin", which is a temporary directory into which a compressed version of the files are stored (this is similar to the way Windows Explorer deletes the files to the Recycle Bin). The temporary "Trash Bin" directory is emptied and deleted when you close FRSFileMgr. If for some reason FRSFileMgr crashes, that directory will be emptied the next time it starts. If you hold down the Shift key when you click a file or directory deletion command (or a "Delete" button in a window), the file or directory is not deleted to that temporary directory, but rather deleted immediately and permanently. FRSFileMgr does not use the Windows Recycle Bin, because we have found that to be an unreliable resource for being able to restore deleted files.

If you are in a situation where privacy is of utmost concern, you may want to consider deleting the "FRSFileMgr.dat", "FRSFileMgr.ffm", and "FRSFileMgrNotes.dat" data files after running the application (never entering notes in the "Notes" column prevents the creation and use of the "FRSFileMgrNotes.dat" file). Close FRSFileMgr, and then delete these files via Windows Explorer or via the command-line window. You can launch the cipher program via the "Drive | Clear Free Space" from within FRSFileMgr, then delete these files when you close FRSFileMgr. Eventually the cipher program will overwrite the remaining file data still on the disk.

Application Access

People who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to FRSFileMgr. If an outsider can start FRSFileMgr on your computer, he or she could possibly determine what you might have done last with the application, and see the notes you have entered for particular files, if any. Notes you enter for a file within FRSFileMgr are not visible or compatible with Windows Explorer; the only way to actually see the notes is by starting FRSFileMgr and navigating it to show the files that have notes set for them, or show the "File Notes" report.

Upload to Servers

FRSFileMgr does not upload any information to the Fourth Ray Software web site nor to any third party. We do reserve the right to communicate your FRSFileMgr license number during a product upgrade check in a future version, so that we may verify your paid-for version. However, this is currently not being done.

Download from Servers

When automatic upgrading is enabled, FRSFileMgr connects to the Fourth Ray Software server to determine if a new version of FRSFileMgr has been released by Fourth Ray Software. It compares the latest version number listed on the server against the version you have installed. If a new version has been released, the new software installation program to apply the update will be downloaded to your computer, and FRSFileMgr will automatically run that upgrade when you close the application. The next time you start FRSFileMgr, if the upgrade has successfully completed, the application will show the "New Version" toolbar button (Sun icon), through which you can find out what is new. During this process FRSFileMgr communicates no information to the server, it only gathers information from the server. If you do not wish to have updates applied automatically, you can turn it off by clicking on the "Settings | Automatic Application Upgrade" menu command to remove the check-mark.


In normal, day-to-day use of FRSFileMgr the only "outside" contact is made with the Fourth Ray Software server to find out what the latest published version number of the application is, if you have an active Internet connection. Other than that, FRSFileMgr operates completely privately on your computer only. We do not have any tracking of your actions in our software products, and our products are free of malware, adware, and viruses.


FRSFileMgr's installation program courtesy of Inno Setup developed by Jordan Russell.