FRSStopwatch is a software tool that keeps track of the hours, minutes, and seconds between when the Start button is pressed and the Stop button is pressed. You can use FRSStopwatch to track how much time you are spending doing something on the computer, for example the amount of time you spend doing work for a client or for work.

How Do I Use FRSStopwatch?

FRSStopwatch starting

(fig. 1: ready to start timing)

When the application is started, it will show all zeroes in its display. On the right-hand side are two buttons, a Start button and a Stop button. The Stop button is disabled (grayed-out) because the timer is not yet running. When you are ready to time some event or activity, press the Start button. The display will start to increase in value. When the event or activity is finished, press the Stop button. The display will stop the timer. At that point you can press the Ctrl+C keyboard combination, if you are interested in copying the displayed numbers to the Windows Clipboard for using the text in another Windows application. While the timer is running, you can also press the Pause and subsequent Resume button to temporarily halt the timer, and then continue it, respectively. Once the Stop button has been pressed, the next time you press the Start button, the timer will start from zero again.

How Do I Get the Latest Version?

For free applications we do not support automatic upgrading from within the application. We, therefore, recommend that you check our News page (see above) from time to time to see if we have released a new version of FRSStopwatch. The application is fairly stable in the feature set we want to include in it, so upgrades shouldn't happen very often. If a new version is made available, simply download it via the "Download" tab above. You can safely install over top of the previous installation, as it will preserve your application settings.