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Privacy Policy

Here's the summary of our policy:

- We don't send spam e-mail

- We don't track you individually

- We don't keep credit card info

- We don't sell your information

Spam e-mail

Fourth Ray Software does NOT participate in any spam or unsolicited e-mail campaigns. Your e-mail address is never sold or otherwise distributed by us. We do not sell or distribute information entered in any of the forms on our web site.


Fourth Ray Software's web site maintains a small "cookie" once you add a product license to your shopping cart (this holds just an ID number so that we can keep track of what is in your shopping cart, although the actual cart contents are stored on the server). This cookie is automatically deleted when you close your browser, or when you complete your purchase. Since we use PayPal to process our financial transactions, PayPal, itself, also uses cookies to store its information (view PayPal's privacy policy).

Customer Contact and Order Processing

When you purchase one or more of our products, some information is collected to complete the transaction. We use PayPal to handle the actual financial transactions on our behalf. PayPal only provides us with your name, e-mail address, and the licenses that your ordered. The PayPal shopping cart is fully encrypted to protect your personal information and your credit card data. After the transaction has completed, we only keep your name, e-mail address, the licenses that you ordered and their keys. We do NOT retain your credit card number. We do NOT sell, rent, lease, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone.

Server Logging

The web site server, like all other servers, keeps track of generic information about visits to our web site (e.g. how many times a particular page was viewed). Absolutely no information can be used to uniquely identify you.

Google Tracking

We do NOT participate in Google's tracking of your every visit on the Web. We do not agree with Google's (lack of) privacy policy and we do not wish to be willing participants in their effort to keep a close eye on which web sites you visit. You can visit Fourth Ray Software's web site in complete privacy and freedom!