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Hover the cursor over the application title to view a brief description of what the product does, or click it to learn more about the application, and see a screen capture of it in action.

Our products DON'T offer the following "features":
viruses, advertising, spyware, tracking, worms, ransomware, scareware, keystroke logging, secret server uploading, constant monitoring, manipulation of your web browser, installation of third-party software.

We are a moral and ethical company, and we want you to enjoy computer software the way it was meant to be!

Retired Applications

Applications may reach the end of their life when people are no longer interested in them, or technically they are no longer up-to-date as operating system and hardware changes. We may have additional reasons for retiring applications. What we do is we provide a link to their installation program for those users who have paid for a license, and may need to install the application on a new computer. However, we no longer offer technical support, nor do we support continued sales of the applications. The application's copyright and other legal claims still remain ours, of course; it is still our software; we just have chosen to no longer offer them for sale.