FRSBikeTraxx is a software tool to help you keep track of the data you collect from your bicycle rides. These can be casual trips, training routines, or races.

Why Did We Create FRSBikeTraxx?

Fourth Ray Software's owner is an avid bike rider and has kept track of his rides ever since he bought and installed a meter on his bike. He kept the information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but that made comparing year-over-year results difficult. Editing and sorting in Excel is not easy. So, FRSBikeTraxx was created in 2014 and tested for two years before its first public release.

Key Features

  • Data entry is very intuitive.
  • Easily import historical data.
  • Optionally shows weather data.
  • You can add more data columns.
  • Summary reports that make sense to a bike rider.

FRSBikeTraxx In Action

In effect, FRSBikeTraxx' main window is a spreadsheet. You simply enter your bike ride's data into the spreadsheet. The application provides a menu command for importing existing historical data (such as from an Excel spreadsheet) into FRSBikeTraxx.

To add a bike ride, click on the "Edit | Add Ride" menu command. The green "plus" toolbar button is a shortcut for that menu command.

When you add a new ride, FRSBikeTraxx adds a new row to the grid. The "Date" column will show today's date by default. You can, of course, change that if you are entering historical data. Next, enter whatever other data you would like to track.

Optionally, you can enter the approximate region of your rides, and the application will attempt to look up the weather conditions there. These are then shown in the status bar at the bottom of the main window. When you add a new ride, whatever those values are at that moment, they will be copied to the new entry. Of course, you can change those values in the main window's grid, if so desired.

Reports allow you to review and compare your data to previous years, if you have such historical data available.

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

FRSBikeTraxx Trial Period

FRSBikeTraxx comes with a one-time, 21-day trial period during which you can use the full functionality of the application for free. There are no artificial limitations imposed within the application during that time period. When the free trial period is over, you must purchase a license for FRSBikeTraxx to continue to use it. All of the data you entered during the free trial period will still be there after you have paid for your license. There is no separate download required after you have purchased your license. The status bar indicates how many days you have remaining in your free trial period.

FRSBikeTraxx Privacy Policy

It's Your Data!

FRSBikeTraxx data and settings are stored in binary files on your computer. Our products never upload your data to our server nor any third-party server. Our products do not report your interaction with our products to our server nor any third-party server. An Internet connection is not required to use our products. Please note that individuals who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to your copy of FRSBikeTraxx and the data you store in it. Always protect your computer from outside access by setting a strong password on it.


FRSBikeTraxx does not upload any information to the Fourth Ray Software web site nor to any third-party server. We do reserve the right to communicate your FRSBikeTraxx license number during a product upgrade check in a future version, so that we may verify your paid-for version. However, this is currently not being done.

Automatic Upgrades

When automatic upgrading is enabled (under your control), FRSBikeTraxx connects to the Fourth Ray Software server, if your computer has an Internet connection active, to determine if a new version of FRSBikeTraxx has been released by Fourth Ray Software. It compares the latest version number listed on the server against the version you have installed. If a new version has been released, the new software installation program will be downloaded to your computer, and FRSBikeTraxx will automatically run that upgrade when you close the application (you will see a notification window). See the application's documentation center for how to disable automatic upgrades, if so desired.