FRSFileList is a specialized tool that helps you to quickly find the largest, smallest, newest, or oldest files on your computer.

Why Did We Create FRSFileList?

The ability to get the results you might want in either of the four above-mentioned scenarios, is lacking in any of the Microsoft-supplied file management tools that ship with Windows. It is not impossible to do, but it requires quite a bit of expertise and maybe even a bit of coding to get those answers. FRSFileList makes this information readily available at your fingertips.

Key Features

  • Find the file you just saved but forgot where!
  • Find and delete "space hogs" or old "cobwebs".
  • Search within just one folder, or search an entire drive.
  • Functionality not available in Windows' File Explorer.
  • Open or delete a file, directly from the results grid.
  • Copy, print, or export the listing in the results grid.

FRSFileList In Action

As shown in the screen capture below, the fields above the results grid read like a fill-in-the-blank sentence. Just select your desired options, and then press the "Go" button to see your results.

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

FRSFileList Privacy Policy

It's Your Data!

FRSFileList data and settings are stored in binary files on your computer. Our products never upload your data to our server nor any third-party server. Our products do not report your interaction with our products to our server nor any third-party server. An Internet connection is not required to use our products. Please note that individuals who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to your copy of FRSFileList and the data you store in it. Always protect your computer from outside access by setting a strong password on it.