FRSCountdown is an easy-to-use alarm.

Why Did We Create FRSCountdown?

How many times have you wanted a quick reminder to go off after so many minutes? Getting ready for a meeting? Needing to leave for an appointment? Wanting to time your cooking? Brewing your tea just right? Waiting for a Zoom meeting to kick off?

Key Features

  • Quickly set a reminder.
  • Custom notifications that work even when you are focused on another software application.
  • The timer can be paused, resumed, and stopped.
  • Reset the timer at any time.
  • Easily restart the timer once completed.

FRSCountdown In Action

After entering the duration of the timer, you can optionally specify how you would like to be notified (visually and/or audibly). The timer itself shows the familiar play/pause/resume, and stop buttons on the right-hand side.

Press the Play (triangular) button on the timer display itself to start the count-down.

Even while the timer is counting down, you can still change how you might want to be notified, because that might depend on what you are doing on your computer.

You can always pause or stop the timer. If you pause it, you can resume the count-down later. If you stop it, no visual or auditory notification will be made, since you stopped the alarm. Once stopped, you can start another count-down using the same (by default) or another count-down period.

The settings will be remembered for the next time you use the application.

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

System Menu

(screen capture taken on Windows 10)

To keep the main window of FRSCountdown as small as possible, additional functionality is available via the application's system menu. This menu can be accessed by clicking on the application's icon in the very top, left corner of the window. When the menu displays, you will see the standard six Windows menu commands. All of the remaining menu commands are custom to FRSCountdown and offer you additional functionality to the application.

FRSCountdown Privacy Policy

It's Your Data!

FRSCountdown data and settings are stored in binary files on your computer. Our products never upload your data to our server nor any third-party server. Our products do not report your interaction with our products to our server nor any third-party server. An Internet connection is not required to use our products. Please note that individuals who have access to your physical computer could potentially have access to your copy of FRSCountdown and the data you store in it. Always protect your computer from outside access by setting a strong password on it.