How Do I Get My Free Upgrades?

That's the best part! The upgrades are free, and the applications will automatically download the new upgrades as soon as they are available (whenever you run the application). We've made it free* and easy.

Here's how it works. Each time you run one of our applications, it checks the Fourth Ray Software server to see if a new version has been released, if your computer is connected to the Internet. If a new version has been released, the application will commence a download of that new version to your computer (done behind-the-scenes). Later, when you close the application, the upgrade is automatically applied (you will see a Windows confirmation message about the upgrade needing to be run and requiring your permission to apply it). The next time you run the application, you should see a toolbar button that indicates a new version has been installed. You may click that button to view information about the recent changes we have made. If you do not see that button, the upgrade was not successfully downloaded or applied. No worries; the application will attempt to do it again the next time you run it.

There are no restrictions to "qualifying" for free upgrades. If we release an upgrade while you are using the trial version of the application, you will get the upgrades as well!

We are always improving our products. Each application will typically see two to three upgrades per year.

* "free" does not include your costs associated with connecting to the Internet.