I Found Your Product Cheaper Elsewhere!

We have become aware of web sites that list our software and claim that you can save --% off the list price of our products. These are not legitimate offers. We only sell licenses for our software products through this web site. We have no "re-sellers" (i.e. companies that buy our product "wholesale" and then sell it on their own site). The license prices listed on this web site are the prices for the products; there are no wholesale or discount prices available.

If you were to purchase a "license" through one of those web sites, you would not be getting an actual, valid license key. We do not honor any prices listed anywhere but on this web site.

In general, to make sure you are getting the real thing, always download software from the original developer (such as from this web site for our products), and always make your purchases directly from the developer, unless they specifically state that they sell through a re-seller.

Not all software companies want to deal directly with customers, and so they let other companies handle that. We here at Fourth Ray Software, on the other hand, very much enjoy interacting with our customers, so we handle all transactions ourselves. There is no "middle man".